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Blow dryers Ė AC vs. DC

Letís start out by saying by the end of this article, AC/DC will mean more to you than just karaoke night material. When it comes to blow dryers, there are two distinct styles based on the type of motors: AC (Alternating Current) or DC (Direct Current). The basic difference between an AC and a DC motor is the direction the current flows through the engine - DC motors flow in one direction, while AC can alternate. The type of motor required depends on the fan that the blow dryer uses. These different fans and motors create distinct differences between the two types of dryers.

AC Blow Dryers

The fans in AC dryers operate on lower Revolutions per Minute. Generally speaking, this means hair dryers with AC motors will be larger and heavier, but less noisy and more durable. Because they operate on lower RPMs, there is less stress put on the moving parts. This leads to a longer lifespan and less risk of breaking down or burning out. Typically AC hair dryers blow stronger than DC dryers as well. But all these advantages donít come without a price Ė of the two styles, AC is generally more expensive.

We recommend these dryers to professional stylists, salon owners and educators, and men and women everywhere who are tired of replacing their DC dryers!

Some of the best hair dryers with AC motors include Solano Hair Dryers and Elchim Hair Dryers.

DC Blow Dryers

One of the biggest drawbacks of the AC blow dryer is its weight which, in turn, is one of the biggest advantages of the DC blow dryers. DC motors are smaller, so the blow dryer is much smaller and lighter, which is especially beneficial to someone who is constantly using their dryer. DC motors typically weigh about half the amount as AC dryers, and they also operate at higher RPMs. This allows the DC motor to have a higher starting torque, reach high speeds very quickly, and produce greater airflow for quicker drying. However, in general, DC blow dryers are considered weaker than AC dryers. Due to the high RPMs, the DC motors tend not to last as long and individual pieces of the dryer are subject to wear, often requiring maintenance. Because of their shorter lifespan, DC blow dryers are less expensive than AC blow dryers.

We recommend these dryers to stylists on a budget, people with weak wrists, and those who travel often.

Some great options for the most popular hair dryers with DC motors are T3 Dryers.

It is important to note that many companies have taken up the challenge of closing the gaps between the dryers. AC dryers are quickly becoming lighter and garnering higher speeds faster, while DC dryers are beginning to be made more durable. So, though the future of dryers may be changing, these differences should still be considered when choosing the next blow dryer for you.

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Thanks to Sarah for writing this article for Misikko!


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