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How to Treat Dry Hair

Does your hair look dull, lack luster even? Does it have split ends? Does it ever feel crunchy? If any of these are true, then unfortunately you may be suffering from dry hair. Hair that's as dry as the Sahara can be caused by a variety of things, such as harsh styling, diet, certain medications and even hormone imbalances. So what can we do to quench those parched strands that so annoyingly resemble hay and not silk? Give it some tender, loving, care!

Girl with dry hair

Back off from heat styling as much as possible! Too much heat on a constant basis can zap your hair of moisture and pretty much leave it fried. This is when using high quality hair tools come into play. Yes, you can buy a hair dryer at a drug store for $10, but be careful as you will get what you pay for!

New technology has now created amazing tools that will do the job in a lesser amount of time, thus drastically minimizing your hair's exposure to damaging heat. The prices may be a little steeper, but it is a great investment if you want to truly care for your hair. As an added bonus, you get to spend more time doing other things you enjoy. In the summer, air dry as much as possible and give your hair a rest. Who wants to start sweating from the hair dryer the second you step out of the shower anyway?

When you do need the heat, use a heat protecting spray beforehand, and try to use the coolest settings. Also, try not to use clarifying shampoos as they can be drying. Instead, use moisturizing formulas, and there’s no need to rinse and repeat unless your hair is visibly soiled. Even better, use leave in conditioners daily and apply a hair mask weekly to really soften those strands.

Never brush your hair when it is still wet. Brushing wet hair will cause breakage to already fragile, brittle hair. Use a wide tooth comb to gently ease out those stubborn knots. Invest in a detangling spray if your hair is prone to knots.

Unless you roll around in the mud every day, washing your hair daily really isn't necessary. Dry shampoos are great at soaking up oily scalps and some even leave a nice scent. A dusting of baby powder on your roots can also help.

You may want to check whether you have hard water in your shower. Hard water (as opposed to soft water) has a higher mineral content. There are some shower heads that can remove some of those minerals and leave you with soft water which leaves lesser amounts of mineral deposits in your hair after rinsing. Last but not least, use gentle hair ties that won't snag or cause your hair to snap.

Your hair is one of the first things others notice about you. Take care of it and you will see a difference. Gradually, it will become stronger, softer, healthier looking and silkier. Here's to putting the luster back into those locks!

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Thanks to Shiela of Mae's Beauty Blog for writing this article for Misikko!


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