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Do-It-Yourself: Ethnic Hair Styles

Taking care of ethnic hair poses different challenges for different hair types. Donít fight your hair, work with it! Maintaining healthy, manageable hair can actually be pretty simple if you have the right tools and know which hairstyles work for your hair.

African-American / Black Caribbean Hair Care
African-American & Afro-Caribbean hair requires extra attention; this ethnic hair type includes a range of African-American Hair hair textures and diameters from coarse, to very fine or soft, to dry. It is the most porous hair type, which means it is can easily lose natural moisture and sustain heat damage. Add to this the intensity of curls & kinks and you have hair thatís susceptible to damage and should be washed infrequently Ė 7-10 days to avoid stripping natural oils.

If you care properly for these hair qualities, black hair can be styled in many different ways! Many black women choose to relax and straighten their hair. If this is the way you like to style your hair, the most important thing is to use a hair moisturizer while your hair is still wet.

For a fun and glamorous do-it-yourself hairstyle, try this out: Part your hair to the side and wrap small sections of your hair around a narrow flat iron or curling iron. Next, curl your hair all the way up on one side of the part. Finally, curl the other side of the part. Vary the curl length on the other side so that you leave some areas near the roots smooth and straight. Voila! Glam in 20 minutes!

For a modern-looking bob, place small sections of the hair in large rollers and blow-dry on low heat or sit under a drying hood. If you have bangs, flat-iron them for a finishing touch.

Be sure to regularly moisturize before and after heat styling to maintain the health of your hair!

Asian Hair Care
Depending on what region of Asia you are from, the texture of your hair can be anywhere from real sleek and heavy to very thick, dry, and coarse. Regardless of the texture, the hair strands of Asian women are straight, rounder and thicker than Caucasian hair. This combination of traits means Asian hair can tangle or break easily, so use an intense conditioner at the tips of your hair, something highly moisturizing or a hair oil.

If your hair is very straight and lacks volume, here's a basic hairstyle you can try to give your hair a little lift: After washing your hair, add mousse all over and put it up in a loose bun. Blow-dry your hair until it's about half-way dry and then let it down. Scrunch the hair and finish it off with a little hairspray. You'll end up with loose, bouncy waves!

Indian HairIndian Hair Care
Women from a South-Asian heritage, like India, have very thick and dark hair that tends to frizz out. Itís common for Indian women to keep their hair long, which can lead to split ends because of regular brushing and combing as well as twisting up or clamping in place. Moisturizing conditioner should be regularly applied to your hair ends, and deep conditioned weekly.

To get your hair looking sleek and straight, first spray or apply a thermal protector on your hair. Next, blow-dry straight or run a ceramic flat iron through small sections of your hair. After ironing the hair, apply a serum to keep the hair straight and to tame the frizzies. Regularly condition the ends of your hair!

Hispanic Hair Care
Many Hispanic women have curly or wavy hair, and frizzy hair is one of the biggest problems with this hair type. Keep your hair hydrated to eliminate frizz in humidity using deep moisturizing products. Hispanic Hair Regular treatments with natural conditioners like avocado will help - your hair will feel oh, so soft!

After washing your hair, apply a dollop of leave-in conditioner. Next, dry hair using a hair diffuser. Then apply liquid straightening serum to sections of your hair. Twist each section of the hair around your fingers, hold for a few seconds, then release. Do this all the way around your head.

To take your hair from a day-look into night, try this simple hairstyle: First, spritz your hair with an enzyme-rich spray. Next, pull back part of the hair and fasten loosely with a small claw clip. Lastly, twirl your bangs or some of the loose pieces for a polished look.

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Thanks to Maria of Beauty Is Within for writing this article for Misikko!


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