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How to Create Perfect Ringlets with a Curling Iron by Melissa

Ringlets are spiraling, tight curls that will work for any occasion. Once the curls are created, the possibilities of styles are endless. The best part about these curls is that they work for any face shape, hair texture, and hair length.

With these easy to follow instructions, it will look like you spent hours in a salon. To show you the adaptability of these curls, our instructions will include a few examples of how to style ringlets for any occasion.

This curling technique is the same for any length of hair but the actual styling process will vary. You’ll need a bone tail comb, a one inch barrel curling iron, bobby pins and a great professional hair spray . Depending on the style you’re going for, you may need a few hair clips as well.

1. Plug the curling iron in and allow it to heat up while you comb through your hair. If your hair is long, separate the hair into five sections beginning at your hairline: top, center, bottom, left, and right. If you have bangs, you can either curl them as well or leave them straight. Either way, make sure they are separated as well.

Girl curly hair

2. Begin with the top section at your hairline. Using the end of the bone tail comb choose a one inch section of hair. If you are working with short locks, choose a section of about a half inch. Apply the strand with hairspray and comb smooth.

3. Start about half an inch from the scalp, manually wrap your hair around the curling iron all the way towards the ends and close the lever on the end. Count slowly to thirty. Open the lever and manually unwind the curl from the iron. Admire your beautiful ringlet curl! If you use the normal curling iron technique, you may finish quicker but your curl will be much less defined.

4. Continue working backwards through each section of hair using this same technique. Be careful not to disturb the finished curls. Once all of your hair has been curled, you can move on to your bangs if you have any! The best method for curling bangs is to divide them into one inch sections and curl them in the traditional method.

Once all the hair is curled, choose which style option you’d like!

Down, Loose Curls

Use the pointed end of the comb to part the hair in the desired direction. Gently use your fingers to separate each curl and generously spray with hair spray.

Half Up, Half Down Curls

There are two methods that are both simple and quick for creating this style. For both styles you’ll need to start by creating a part evenly across from the top of the left ear to the right ear.

1. In the first option, you will use the pointed end of the comb to part your hair. Beginning with the right side of the part, gently lift the curls in the section and bring them loosely to the center of the head, below the crown. Insert a small clip or a few bobby pins to hold. Then do the same with the left side. For shorter hair, use a bobby pin to pin each individual curl to the center on both sides.

2. The next option is great for formal affairs. The curls should remain in the position they were in when originally curled. You will start above the right ear and pull each individual curl backwards. Use your finger to hold the curl against the head and pull the curl around it with your free hand. Pin in place with a bobby pin, creating a beautiful classical loop. Continue working in this manner along the hair line to the top of the left ear, and spray generously with hair spray.

Up Do

This technique is similar to the pervious instructions. There are two options for this style as well.

1. For short or long hair, use only the curls that run from the hairline to the nap of the neck in one inch sections behind each ear. The center curls will hang free. Beginning with the right side at the hairline, take each individual curl and bring it to the center. Follow the instructions above to form a loop and pin in place. Continue doing this until the last curl at the neck has been looped and pinned in place, then move on and do the same to the left side. This creates a cascade of loops and curls that run down the center of your head. To create free flowing tendrils, pull out every other curl on each side that frames the face before pinning up the hair. Spray generously with hair spray.

Girl hair

2. This next style works best with shoulder length or longer hair. Using your fingers, pull the hair into a loose ponytail in the center of your head and hold it in place with a hair tie. Give the ponytail two twists to the right and pin loosely in place with boby pins, making sure to pin underneath to conceal them. Spray with hairspray.

Now you have a few options for creating and styling your hair into beautiful, flowing curls! Ringlets are adaptable to any occasion and will always guarantee rave reviews.

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Thanks to Melissa for writing this article for Misikko!


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