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Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Serum

DO use to protect your precious locks. Excessive heat can seriously damage your hair if you don’t take the proper precautions. ALWAYS use a thermal leave-in protectant before blow drying, straightening, and curling. And remember: once isn’t always enough! Use a little before you blow dry and then a little more before you flat iron or curl. Your hair will thank you!

DON’T use near your scalp. It’s a common tendency to start massaging a product in at the roots, like you’re shampooing or conditioning. Hair serums work differently. The natural oils secreted by your scalp take care of your roots. Applying serum over that natural oil will make your hair look flat and greasy. Gross! Instead, start around ear-level and work downward all the way to the tips. Don’t worry about covering every last strand, when you brush your hair to style the product will distribute itself evenly. BONUS: Taking care of the tips will help you avoid split ends!

DO use on wet hair. Hair is at its most delicate state when it’s wet so please be gentle! Think of it as a negotiation where you have the upper hand, though, because this is the point where your hair will be most willing to compromise. If you’re using a hair serum to control wavy, curly, or frizzy hair, the product you use now will have the most effect on your overall style for the day.

DON’T use on fine hair. Every girl with fine hair wishes it was thicker; every girl with thick hair wishes it was finer, right? Well this is one point where the girls with fine hair win – you guys just don’t need as much serum! Too much product will make your hair flat and greasy, so have fun with that extra cash in your pocket while the rest of us are slaving away on the search for the perfect product. BONUS: Sorry to burst your bubble as soon as I blew it up, but that’s not to say you can totally live without serum. I mean, c’mon, no one can live without serum! If you’re using thermal styling tools you need a lightweight thermal leave-in protectant.

DO use for shine. Think of all the ways we damage our hair every day: perms, highlights, lowlights, flat irons, hair dryers, curling irons, hot rollers – you name it, we’ll try it! With all that damage, wouldn’t you wake up a little dull and drab some days? Well that’s where hair serum comes in. A good serum will leave your hair looking bright and shiny. Blondes will look blonder, red heads will look redder, we’ll all look skinnier! Okay, maybe we got carried away there, but you get the point!

DON’T go overboard! Remember how your mother always taught you less is more? Well, we’re pretty sure she was talking about hair serum. We get the thinking behind overdoing it – a little makes my hair look good, so a lot will make my hair look great, right? WRONG! Start off any new serum with a dime sized amount. For thinner hair, use a pearl sized amount. If you think you could get a little more out of your serum, try using a little more. Now that you know how to use it, we’ll help you choose it! Hana Shineshield is a great leave-in protectant that will keep your hair healthy and leave your locks smooth and shiny. Other good hair serums include serum, FHI Hot Sauce, and BioSilk Silk Therapy.

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Thanks to Alisa S. for writing this article for Misikko!


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